Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Say no more to login-logout when develop multi role websites

When develop websites that has multi role support, especially in the frontend, we often want to check different user with different role to check some features. The simpliest thing we do just logout and login to other user in current browser window, another browser profile, or in incognito tabs.

This method work all the time, but I will show you some tools to boost your productivity without doing that login-logout thing, and let’s you login to different role in the 1 browser windows without creating browser profile or open incognito tabs. Let’s check it out.


Firefox has built in featues called Multi-Account Containers. This featues help you to isolate any website, so your session, cookies, or localstorage will be isolated between container, which is what we need to use it for login. Let’s say you have logged in to Google in Personal container, when you open another container you still not login to Google.

Kinda like browser profile, but this feature let’s you open many container as much as you want in the same browser window with no additional settings required, just a container name.

Personal VS Work Container

In my setup, I am using 2 container that I always use daily, and If I need more, I just create temporary containers with Firefox Addons. To Get Started, you can Install this Firefox Addons that I am using:

Temporary Container

You get different session, cookies, localstorage, etc in any container

When develop a website that has multi role, you can use this feature to login to different role in the same browser window at the same time without logging another account out.


Unfortunately, feature like Multi Account Container not available in chromium based browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. But I found a extension, SessionBox (not endorsed), that does the same things like Multi Account Containers in Firefox


If You concern about privacy, this extension is proprietary and not open source, do it at your own risk.


To use different user with different role when develop apps/website, you can use container in Firefox and SessionBox in Chromium Based Browser. This method can help you develop faster, and no login-logout to check another user role. My personal choice is Multi Account Container, not because I am Firefox User, but the UI/UX is better than the Session Box.